To install IDPaginate, all you need to do is grab the Github repo, unzip it, and put the jquery.idpaginate.js in your web site, and link it to your html.

To use IDPaginate, just call it like this:

$(window).load(function() {


You can download the latest version of IDPaginate from here.


The plugin comes with a few options to customize the functionality. Just include them as you would with any plugin. They are as below:

Option Values Description
num Number Set the number of items to display per page. Default: 10.
pagination_div Any jquery recognised selector The div where you want the pagination links to display. Default: '.s'
speed Time in miniseconds The speed with which the animations should be done. Default: 2000

Using options

To trigger the plugin with some options, just use this:

$(window).load(function() {
		num: 3,
		pagination_div: '.paginate-links',
		speed: 2000

To implement

Known Issues


Here's a quick demo:


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